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  • Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship

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    Game description

     Play this Ghost Knight Rider game of The Ghost Ship, and then you'll see ghosts in your dreams, boo. Scary, huh? If you don't want them to get near you or scare you in your dreams, there is a method to acquire freedom from them.

    Want to know how? Ok, listen carefully! You have shot them with your Canon. Please tap on the ghosts to shoot and kill Flappy Ghost and Adventure them.

    The more you go to the next level of the game, the more complicated and intricate it gets. Some of the spirits would wear armor so that they want to get Halloween Ghost Balls killed quickly; by double-tapping Turn Based Ship war on the screen, you can kill them. It's the best, so don't forget to tell us about your experience playing it.

    Release date: 3 January 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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