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  • Golden Boot 2022

    Golden Boot 2022

    Sports Sports soccer soccer

    Game description

    Golden Boot 2022 will give you a great soccer experience when playing a fantastic soccer game. You want to make goals; you can control them with your fingers. Golden Boot 2022 is a beautiful Goldie Home Recovery and entertaining game that makes soccer lovers crazy. If you are a soccer lover, then you love this sports game. The heart of the soccer game is the goal. The goal is the target of every soccer player.

    If you could score a goal, what would be your reaction? Wow, that is exciting. This boys' game makes you a winner who can make a goal and win many trophies. For each award, you want soccer to complete different targets. Some instructions for playing this fun game include aiming by positioning the player left or right of the ball touch screen and moving left-right to lift a finger to shoot.

    And you can have an exceptional score and make three goals in Stickman in a row to get an extra fifty points. The golden boot is your target of you. You want to defeat your opponents, especially the goalkeeper, to achieve your target. Do not miss out on playing this html5 game online, and have fun.

    Release date: 18 December 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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