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  • Hidden my ramen by mom 2

    Hidden my ramen by mom 2

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    Game Description

    Try Hidden my ramen by mom two and give your valuable services to our adorable character Hidden Objects Hello USA to find his favorite snack in this finding objects game. Play Hidden my ramen by mom, two of the best crazy games. Mom cares for our health, and there's no doubt that she restricts us from something only for our betterment. But when it comes to ramen, listening to her advice could sometimes become too complicated.

    Our character is also craving ramen noodles today in this finding objects game online, and he needs to eat them at every cost. If mom catches him creating, eating, or cooling the ramen, she will get angry. So, we must make sure he does everything while hiding from mom. Would you please help these sweet guys in this finding objects game for the PC to locate the packages of noodles? Mom hid these packets of ramen very wisely.

    She never let us go there quickly to find the hidden objects game to play. You not only have to uncover all the things Gin Rummy Plus one by one to reach that final target. Plus, you also have to stay away from the noisy traps set by the mom. If she knows your intentions, all your attempts to find the hidden object game unblocked will go wasted. Stay alert! Also, play the soccer challenge to enjoy it more!

    Release Date: 18 August 2021 , Platform: Web browser,

    1438 played times

    Category: Puzzle

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