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  • Hold My Beer!

    Hold My Beer!

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    game description

    Take Our Beer! At the beginning of this Harley Quinn - My Drawings incredible game, you work as a bartender and serve drinks to customers. You are on a boat, and therefore, to keep the ship from sinking, you must help as many people as possible! You can play this game on the computer using the WASD keys to walk and the space bar to acquire and serve beers.

    In addition to Adventure, you possess a unique weapon against them. Do you want the opportunity to get to know different beers? Are you interested in learning which ones are currently popular? If not, then which ones do not? Breweries and venues alongside your friends as you earn medals for trying beers from various nations and types.

    Breweries and locations with your friends. Harley Quinn - My Drawings Because of that, you may give the impression that you are drinking a beer straight from your phone. The simulation of alcohol is very lifelike in both appearance and behavior. It features a fluid-appearing boom and bust, naturally occurring looking foam motion, and liquid that flows under the laws of physics.

    Tilt my phone to the side and see how the beer moves around in the glass. When the police beverage in the mirror is finished, you are free to pour yourself another one of the fizzy beverages.

    Release Date: 3 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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