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  • Hole 24 game

    Hole 24 game

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    Game description

    The tennis ball serves as the vehicle for your fantastic journey across many planets or maps. Use your strength to your advantage and witness it fly! There is already that the bar; allows Super Jank 5-Hole Golf Roll to survey the whole landscape at once. Come on in here and start a fight with another crack! Extend a black hole until it can consume everything in sight.

    Let people know who the real big shot is. It swallows you up like a vast black abyss. Would the city fit in your stomach? Consume the town in its entirety, Black Hole Solitaire structures and everything. In this 3D game of holes, you must eat through a black hollow and restore your colours.

    In the game where you try to avoid pulling colours other than black from a gigantic hole, black is the only TouchScreen acceptable choice. To begin your journey and break the stones in the holes game, consider this colour cube a big void waiting to be filled.

    To progress in this 3D version of 'colour holed bump,' the player must help the tournament's titular hole consume all the white squares in io activities and transform into a massive hole 2 Player capable of filling with any hue. Battle it with your pals in the black centre arenas of the colour hole stacker.

    Release date: 9 November 2019 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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