Game Description

      Get ready for looting the most precious things of this world in this free puzzle game. Route the prince towards the princess and treasure and prove yourself!

      The gameplay of this puzzle game revolves around a prince. He is on his way to win the heart of his princess - along with the other precious jewels and gold coins.

      These brain teaser puzzles are being developed so that you won't get tired of playing more and more. The entire 3d game consists of about a hundred levels where each next round will be more demanding and more complicated than the previous ones. Keep in mind that this is a brain game, and you have to show the power of your brain and perception here.

      In each level of this mind puzzles game, you will have to struggle to either loot the treasure chests or protect the princess from the evil prison of kidnappers. Since it is a kid learning game, you don't have to make many efforts like running, killing, bashing, drifting, or any other tasks. All you have to do is think about the gaming scenario thoroughly and pull that pin that can make you closer to your prize - whether it is the princess hearts or chest of jewels.

      The entire brain exercise puzzle contains two things for sure. First, an evil pirate or a skull man will be waiting for you to come near him so he can kill you. The other thing would be the supporting components like fire, water, rock, and blades. These supporting components could do both - male, you win this logic game or turn your game over.

      If you want to become the champion of this hypercasual puzzle, you have to pull the pin which goes in your favor. Don't forget that there would not be any round which you could not solve. The developers crafted this whole 2d game in such a way that it will prove that 2d games are better than 3d.

      A pro tip to win this skill game is to focus on killing the pirate rather than grabbing the prize. If the pirate is alive, you cannot reach your destination. In other words, you have to think only about how to kill the pirate in this killing game without coming near to him. Don't pull any pin which drives the fire or other such components towards you or the reward. If you, your princes, or your treasure chest came in contact with these supporting components in this adventure quest, your game would end. So let's dive into this 2d game asset-free and see how many levels you can unlock with your brainpower. If you like these brain teaser riddles, you should also try the Maze and tourist game.

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