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  • I m not a Monster: Wanna Live

    I m not a Monster: Wanna Live

    2D 2D monster monster huggywuggy huggywuggy

    game description

    Let us tell you a true story about Huggy Wuggy and how it turned out so evil! Many years from today, Huggy Wuggy was made in a factory. A sweet girl bought Crazy Math Game for kids when it was shipped to the local stores. The sweet girl would always play and take care of her toy.

    However, one sad day the girl lost her toy in a playground. Since that day, Huggy Wuggy has gone insane and evil. He does not listen to anybody and harms everyone. In these monster games, pc, Huggy Wuggy needs your attention and care.

    Make Huggy Wuggy a nice toy to stop harming other kids and people in the game. In free kid puzzles, Huggy Wuggy is trapped inside the jail, and help him out of it and give him a warm hug in these Strategy online kid's games for free.

    Release Date: 24 February 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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