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  • MathPup Golf 4 Algebra

    MathPup Golf 4 Algebra

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    Game description

     This MathPup Golf 4 Algebra Game belongs to the particular gaming genre, educational sports games. The developer has combined math and golf in these golf math games online to make it extra challenging in the Crazy Math Game for kids game. If we see the golf perspective of these cool math golf games, then you'll get fifty golf holes to try.

    There will not be any time restriction in this math playground golf game, but to try every new spot, you have to answer a simple maths question. Similarly, if you miss the shot and your golf ball goes toward the sandtraps or water, you will have to stay ready to answer algebraic problems in these easy math golf games.

    If you solve that correctly, that would be a penalty, and you can resume your golf again in the Talking Tom Math Test game. If any golf hole looks confusing in this crazy golf math game, or you want to see how to get over it, go for the tutorial video from the drag-drop menu of this mini-math golf game. Also, explore the cringe stuff and toys with TOY BLAST PUZZLE.

    Release date: 13 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser

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