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  • Mortal Brothers Survival

    Mortal Brothers Survival

    Adventure Adventure kiz10 kiz10 funny funny escape escape 2players 2players

    Game description

    The so-called enemies that had hated each other for more than a century are now friends. In these adventure games for pc, Subzero and Scorpio Game Mortar io first fought when they heard that the earth cracked and engulfed both of them. So,

    they need to help each other and become brothers to escape from the place. In this adventure game android, help Scorpio and Subzero avoid the hot lava. Try to gather the same coloured flame for the dollmaker for each character. If any of the characters took the tiny love of another character,

    then he would die. In this Adventure game, 2022, the fire will help nature defend itself properly and leave the place. In this game, you can change the surface with the Spacebar key.

    Release date: 17 February 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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