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  • Noob Ninja Guardian

    Noob Ninja Guardian

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    Game description

     High in the mountains in the world of Minecraft is a temple where ninja warriors are trained in Ninjago Swamp Arena games online. Once, it was invaded by soldiers of the royal guard.

    In the game Noob shooter vs Zombie, you will have to help your hero protect the temple from the soldiers. Minecraft game free gameplay, a realistic gaming experience. Before you are on the screen will be visible a specific location in which your character will be located, and soldiers of the enemy army will move in his direction.

    Minecraft is a game to play where you want to entertain yourself. You use the mouse to control the actions of your hero. You will need to attack opponents, destroy them an enemy, and get points for it by inflicting a series of punches and kicks. Each Game Ninja Wall Runner level will become more and more in a Minecraft game crazy.

    Release date: 10 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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