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  • One Button Speedway

    One Button Speedway

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     Jump to your vehicle and go for it if you want to participate in the high-octane sport of Speedway. To succeed in this fast-paced sport, you need both skill and timing. You'll need precise One Jump turns in the corners and fast straightaways to win. Yes, I'm a big admirer of the track.

    If your favourite team was playing for the title, would you want motorbike to be in charge of helping them reach the finals? Alternatively, maybe you'd rather compete against your friends? Speedway Challenge 2022 would be for you if you responded "yes" at least once within the last year.

    Thanks to the new riding model Butterfly House Escape 2 and its animation, you'll feel like riding a real racetrack motorcycle. At the start of the game, show off your reflexes, select the best lines on the track, and compete for the top place in one of five distinct game types.

    Release Date: 21 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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