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  • Only One Maki

    Only One Maki

    WebGL WebGL 2 Player 2 Player Unity 3D Unity 3D 1 Player 1 Player Arcade Arcade

    Game Description

    You will only be able to avoid the food if you want to win this game! Take the unique stick people in China use to consume makes; before you, Only One Tile can do anything else, you need to obtain the maki. Then, once the bot has finished exacting its retribution on you, users must repeatedly hit a button to win the game and get the sashimi on their side.

    It may seem simple, but it's going to grow more difficult! The controllers are the WASD keys on the computer, and the IJKL keys allow the two players to Strategy move their poles. You may take action by pressing space, or when you are the second player, you can take action by pressing enter.

    None Is an epic swordplay game in the manner of an arena where we drive and kill hordes of adversaries off of a tower in the skies with your mystical sword. This game has been one of the most fantastic hack-and-slashing Snail Bob 2 (Mobile Only) games for mobile devices. It is not for the glory that one fights; instead, it is for survival.

    Fight and kill your foes in an, e.g., quiz game bloody battle, or you may choose the easy route and shove them over the pillar, where they will die in the pit below. Capture the enemy shield to stop the blows your opponent sends your way. Put your powers to use in clever and prompt action, such as turning the other wizard's Pacman Clonefireballs back at him or getting dangerously near him before letting loose with your tornado.

    Acquire new skills and upgrades to boost your power and stats as you go through the game. Fight through more than 90 rounds and nine monsters by hacking and slashing your way through the miniature One Way battlefield covered with corpses and blood to emerge victorious.

    Release Date: 10 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser,

    1925 played times

    Category: Arcade

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