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  • Outcome


    Survival Survival

    game description

    You can now travel between dimensions! Perform now, Outcome! History: After spending so much time below, you decided to venture outside to acquire some Glass Challenge Squid Game unique components. You have discovered a strange contraption that will transfer you to two dimensions. It is helpful in some circumstances.

    You have found that humanity no longer exists and that you are the sole survivor in the world; thus, be cautious! The cloud- and location-based Outcome system was developed by Sports with extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry and the use of cutting-edge technology that permits customization to the demands of employers and employees.

    The application enables employees to check in and out of hours skillfully based on location, view schedules, track shifts, and more. The collection and information processing by the Outcomes system will enable a company's payroll process to be efficient, accurate, quick, and cost-effective.

    Release Date: 19 July 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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