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  • Roller Cubes

    Roller Cubes

    html5 html5 puzzle puzzle Logic Logic 2D 2D Casual Casual HyperCasual HyperCasual logical logical html html block block

    Game description

    Play Troll face Quest memes games and enjoy putting the wooden block in the space. You need to attach the blocks to make them bigger for scoring high! Roller Cube is the most immeasurable fun brain game to play online, and you need to be active in placing the wooden block in the correct position to score points.

    The commands of these fun brain teaser games are uncomplicated; you need to leave all the wooden blocks in the rack that is your destination, and each placement will give you 20 points, and if you fail Puzzle to complete it, you will waste 20 points. The most trustworthy and exciting part of this ball puzzle game online is that the game becomes tricky, and each concentration will reward you with ten extra tips attached to your score.

    You will fail in this logical wooden puzzle game if you fail to complete the desired target and repeat the stage. Play this 2D wooden brain-teasing game and enjoy the fun by releasing all the blocks in the desired Cube Jump place and the background switches its shape and colour, making adding all the wood in the basket more complicated.

    Release date: 18 October 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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