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  • Scrap Metal 5

    Scrap Metal 5

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    Game description

    A car crash simulator, Scrap Metal, has returned! A new game will be introduced as a result. When playing this game, you get to wreck a variety of cars!

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    If car crashing games are your thing, we've got the perfect fun simulator game for you! Scrap Metal is a free online game that offers mobile players to crash as many cars as they'd like. This car driving simulator pc game has awe-inspiring graphics as well as fantastic functioning. In the derby, you can buy cars and use the different traps to win. Construct your own map and stomp your car. Ask yourself: Was it a significant amount of money? How many cars did you get for your money? Have fun with it! The controls of this simulator game are pretty easy: WASD to drive, shift to turbo, and space to apply the brakes. Wanna have some fun? Join in on the Metal Scrap car crash game experience today and get crashing! Don't let any cars away. Wreck 'em all! Play Scrap Metal today to enjoy the crashing experiences!

    Release date: 22 March 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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