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  • Shadow Ninja Revenge

    Shadow Ninja Revenge

    Ninja Ninja Skill Skill Fighting Fighting 1player 1player skills skills 2022 2022

    game description

    Games like Shadow Fights are action series of Revenge and challenge, the best online games for free and readily available on Android and PC. Ninja games pc are related to complete adventures and thrilling suspense and fighting fierce battles using all deadly weapons to accomplish missions and obstacles and kill your enemies.

    These furious enemies are always waiting to attack you, but here need your courage and zeal to sabotage their evil desires. You will demonstrate your Fighting ability and surprise them by pressing button k and penetrating more deeply into enemies' lines of attack. Press button j to throw a spear and press button L to cover himself and protect himself from enemies' weapons. You always need to be cautious on your journey and avoid arrow trenches and fire magma running on your way.

    Try to collect coins of pouches inside barrel boxes by hitting to spear and diamonds inside the enemies' pockets by killing them. You can invest gold coins, buy shuriken and sharp sword blades and increase your 2 Player best fighting tactics, so you will easily cover missions. Shadow Ninja Revenge challenge gives you immense pleasure. Try to get amusement from ninja shadow and have fun.

    Release Date: 13 March 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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