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    Shot Shot

    sport sport basketball basketball dunk dunk score score shot shot

    Game Description

    Try the sot shot game, and enhance your basketball skills. Shot Trigger in the arena with a basketball machine, score as much as possible to survive, and clear all the stages! The shot is the best basketball game for kids, where you will get a machine to play with three chances and need to goal to survive in the game.

    The basketball game rules are unique, and you need to bin in three chances to clear the stage; sport and each stage get more complex than the previous stage. You will lose in this basketball game if you fail to reach the goal and shoot; once you lose, you have to start from the game and attempt the goals again and earn points.

    Each time you bin will give you a point, it’s an infinite basketball game horse which means you will survive only by goals, and the longer you score goals, the longer you will survive Slingshot Jetpack in this game. It is an exciting street basketball game board with 3D graphics, a cartoonist display, bright colours, and melodic sound effects. Play this dunk game royal to polish your basketball game skills and technique and earn bonuses to unlock exciting prizes.

    Release Date: 7 October 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    1143 played times

    Category: Arcade

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