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    Slap Hands

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    Game Description

    Try the Slap hands game and laugh hard till your stomach hurts with this slap hand game online. Slap on your friend's hand until it gets hotter! Play Slap King Free at best crazy games online unblocked. The hand slap game in a circle is about slapping your friend's hand until it becomes red and hot. However, it's not that essential in this hand slap game online. First, you have to select a particular hand from the main menu of these hand-slap games to play.

    Do you want to get a more realistic slapping experience? Try the human hand. Do you love robotics? Try the intelligent robot hand in the slap hand HyperCasual game. Invite your best friend to join you in this hand-slap board game in a two-player mode, and if he is busy, practice in a one-player mod with a computer-based opponent. You have to slap the Opponent's hand in this hand-slap game before he pulls it out. Remember, you have to hit so he won't get a chance to revert. You will get the point and another turn if you slap him successfully.

    If you miss the opportunity in this dangerous hand slap game, your friend will get a chance to slap you, Crazy Office Slap Smash game, and you have to do the same-try to revert it so he cannot hit you. If your friend beats you more than three times in this hand game, slap your hands, and your game will be over. Similarly, if you do the same to your friend, you will win the hand slap easy game. Now you know how to play a slap hand game! So start playing and see who gets red hand first? Also, try the Bread Barbershop Jigsaw puzzle game!

    Release Date: 28 August 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    1029 played times

    Category: Clicker

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