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  • Smart Slither

    Smart Slither

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    Game description

    You must play at total capacity to win this incredible SMART PIN BALL game. The AI will be cleverer than in every other game. Everything will be different, they will be more intelligent than before, and the best way to stop them is to go far away. Aim to become the most giant and most dominant worm possible.

    Win worm.io by training your worms to Smarty Bubbles XMAS, consume more food faster, and you'll grow to be the game's ultimate worm and snake champion. The basic gameplay mechanic of the original snake game is still present in Snake Zone.io! Visually distinctive but uncluttered and straightforward design.

    You may gather yummy snacks and other bonus features in the arena, much like in previous slither and snake titles, but you can also play with other individuals to determine Slither Dragon.io who has the best worm max snake. This worm-slinking gameplay is a member of the.io games family and takes place in 3D.

    Release date: 22 June 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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