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    Game description

    A new kind of game where Mr Smiley wants to return to his home. In this game, Mr Smiley needs some help to reach the brown hole that looks like the entry area of Splitty Adventures to his house. In the super brain game online, as Mr Smiley has a sphere-like body and cannot move independently, he will need some stimulus that could push him and move.

    This game will have different kinds of objects with different kicktheboddy shapes and materials. Depending on the material, some things are breakable, and some are not brain games for students; you can break wooden boxes and strings.

    However, you cannot break the metal Hypercasual boxes and spheres. In this game for kids and girls, you have to split the object from an angle that can easily make Mr Smiley reach his home broken into two pieces.

    Release date: 17 February 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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