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  • Squid Gamer Buggy Raging

    Squid Gamer Buggy Raging

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    Game description

    Buggy was asked to participate in one of the squid games. However, Buggy got scared and said that the squid's authority would kill him if he failed in the driving car Driving games online.

    The Squid authority relaxed him and said that he would be given five chances, and he would also be given triple the amount of the cash prize of the previous squid game series. Other than that, he will be competing on a beach, which he will enjoy very much. Hearing this, Buggy said yes to the Driving Racing game online.

    Buggy will be Racing on the beach in this free runner game for mobile. You will help him to reach as far as he can go. You will also ensure the other contestants avoid colliding because that will take a life from you in this game. Also, avoid any suspicious objects on the way.

    Release date: 26 January 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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