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  • Two Clickers

    Two Clickers

    HTML5 HTML5 2 Player 2 Player Mouse Mouse 1 Player 1 Player

    Game Description

    Play now, Double Clickers! Two Punk Racing You and your companion must utilize the computer and the arrow button key! One is pink, and the other is yellow; you must count to one hundred! Whoever comes first wins! Show your buddies that you can click faster than they can! You can either play with your Sports friend or by yourself!

    We propose spamming and experiencing a 1clic 1line 1pop, a limitless number of amusing moments and games! Show which color is the best! Controlled by W and up arrow! If you have earned cookies, head to the Cookies Shop and spend them to purchase upgrades and Super Ups that will allow you to bake cookies more quickly. Observe the Golden Cookies Rain and the flavored milk waves. They will increase your output!

    You now have access to two new potent boosts: the score Lucky Spin, which grants you a free spin every day, and the Time Machine, which accelerates both time and your bread production! You can now level up, follow your progress, and check your colleagues' level on the brand-new Cookie Land Map! Be the quickest to achieve the achievements to surpass everyone else.

    Release Date: 10 July 2019 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    2973 played times

    Category: Arcade

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