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  • Under The Rubble

    Under The Rubble

    bomb bomb bombs bombs destroy destroy destroying destroying

    Game description

    A house far in Underground Drift: Legends of the jungle is famous for its creepy behaviour. People think the house is haunted, so no one dares to go near it.

    Because the house has always been isolated, some zombies have resided there. In this destroy game, 2022, you will break into the house to kill those zombies. Use your brain to destroy the objects in the home so that the zombies get under them!

    You will have a few bombs in the action game for pc that you can utilize Undead Drive for housebreaking. However, you cannot use the bombs on the metals; they will only melt. You can also take help from the instructions provided by the jungle's spirits in these free arcade games.

    Release date: 23 February 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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