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  • US commando

    US commando

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    Game description

    In this epic RPG, you play the Commando game with safeguarding the nation and its cities. It'll be amusing initially, but then you'll have to get down to business. Your arsenal of firearms, and don't remember the assault devices you'll uncover, will be essential in destroying the hordes of attackers who have entered our home.

    They won't think twice before taking War Gun Commando over the nation. For this reason, we need to work as one unit to ensure victory in the next conflict. So, are you prepared to shoulder such weight!? Be a good soldier, fight to the end, and then go again to your loved ones.

    The city's historic port is used for shipping goods worldwide. Our intelligence assessment indicates that a gun smuggling operation is now Grand Commander underway. Large quantities of illicit weaponry are stored at a facility close to the port. The weapons are being smuggled out of the country in cargo vans, and you can't win the war on terror if you don't have them.

    Release date: 8 April 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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