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  • Wizard Vs Zombies

    Wizard Vs Zombies

    3D 3D Zombie Zombie WebGL WebGL Mouse Mouse Unity 3D Unity 3D Skill Skill Killing Killing Free Free

    Game Description

    Fighting is the only activity required of you in this game. You will Drop Wizard Tower and become a magical magician like those described in the stories and poetry, but the apocalypse has already started. The adventure begins a long time ago when humans were still building their homes, and there was no undead; nonetheless, some wizard's botched experiment was the cause of all that is now happening.

    The controls for the figure are as follows: use WASD to move, left click to fire, and try clicking to smash. That is all there is to it; we hope you successfully clear out all of the zombies! Every hero Hypercasual requires a powerful support group. Collecting comrades first from Plants vs Undead characters you already know and enjoy allows you to build your hero's squad and give him a more diverse set of talents.

    Fight against their opponents using your hero's particular abilities, but remember that the creature's abilities will determine who emerges victorious at the end, not your op10newgames hero's talents. You may pick appropriate allies to develop unique tactics for your heroes or experience strong combos. Your team will automatically update when new roles are gathered and established in response to this process.

    In the adventure mode, you may lead your favourite plants and zombies on exciting missions to combat and defeat enemy opposing Heroes. These missions will be Monster Truck VS Zombie in locales just as crazy and unique as the Heroes that inhabit them. The plot of Plants vs the Monsters: Heroes is told via comic book-styled narrative segments that are unlocked as the player continues their quest.

    Release Date: 16 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser,

    10730 played times

    Category: Adventure

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