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  • Xtreme Offroad Truck 4x4

    Xtreme Offroad Truck 4x4

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    Game description

    Velocity is what has to be pushed for this to work. At a specific Xtreme Offroad Jeep 2019 location in each stage, you may hear hummers rumbling. To unlock additional trucks, you must accomplish missions by getting to each stop, completing them, and earning a score. Also, solo and co-op plays are available.

    This time, the action takes the form of a bicycle race, where you may smash into your opponents and team up with others across the globe. Incredible realism in driving, a wide variety of Offroad Mania 4x4 vehicles to choose from, a wealth of modification options. Discover the ultimate with off-motorsports accuracy today.

    In the vein of video games like Snow Dash, 4x4 Manic episodes, Off Range Rebels, and Sand Racer, Off Range is a vehicle sim set on the actual highway. This enormous Crazy For Game truck-driving computer game puts you behind the wheel of a dirt-track vehicle for an unlimited dirt race. You can only call yourself a natural pro ground if you take on and conquer all of the game's tasks and races.

    Release date: 21 February 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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