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    Game description

    You'll need to collect more cupcakes in this fantastic culinary game based on muffins. You will find some made muffins that are black; make sure you do not buy them Yummy Super Pizza because otherwise, the oven will get overworked and break down as a result of the poor made of cakes! Get the best step closer in the history of the game.

    You will also see a chart that tells you which muffin has had the most points and where you can purchase them. Have you ever been curious about the meals served at your kid's school for dinner, lunch, and supper? You may have Yummy Churros Ice Cream and have all of that material on your portable apps simply and entertainingly.

    Put away those antiquated PDFs and start surfing on your Android smartphones instead of using print menus. YumYummi puts information on the ingredients, Yummy Donut Factory allergies, and nutritional value of each meal and the weekly menu at their fingertips. You are also allowed to have some input over the foodstuff provided.

    You can give Yummy Tales 2 your school feedback on each dish by rating it. Jump right into the action and start having some fun.

    Release date: 9 September 2019 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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