Zombie Idle Defense 3D

    Zombie Idle Defense 3D

    Zombie Zombie Skill Skill Idle Idle Defense Defense shoot shoot simulation simulation brain brain

    Game description

    Keep safe from the oncoming wave of Zombie Apocalypse WarZ! The horde of zombies is closing in, so stop running!

    ZOMBIES NIGHTl is the best zombie defense game you've ever played.
    Get out of here before the zombies overrun the world! There are millions upon millions of them, and they want to kill you.

    Are the undead breeding here? You will likely come to regret your decision to attempt to flee. The struggle for survival in the Third Person Shooter You'll need to train as a zombie hunter and arm yourself with heavy weaponry if you want to stem the zombie horde.

    Amplify your defenses by increasing your weapon quality and the number of guards.

    Defeat the zombies and end their rampage as you explore new areas and get more powerful weapons and upgrades in this Idle Zombie Guard game.

     Zombies by the billions are shambling down the zombie superhighway, hungry for human flesh; get out of their path or kill them all in this defensive war survival game!

    To protect your region from the zombie invasion, you should use your machine gun to mow down the undead and then beat them to a pulp. The people who capture zombies are strong enough that they don't need any zombie guides to know how to deal with a zombie apocalypse. In this zombie game, you must be the one to stop the zombies from running away.

    Release date: 9 February 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

    Classification: crazy games

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