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  • Quadcopter FX Simulator

    Quadcopter FX Simulator

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    The SimQad is a full-featured helicopter simulator for first-person view, a heads-up display, automatic return home, and a gimbaled camera.

    First-person view (FPV), head-up display (HUD), return home, course lock, home lock, camera gimbal, acro mode, acro 3D mode, and more are some of the features included in this RC drone simulator.

    This is NOT a game, but rather a simulation.
    The preceding video serves as a basic tutorial for newcomers.

    You'll need at least 800px by 480px on your screen. We suggest at least 1 GB of RAM. We welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. Our email for support questions is always open.

    1) The Quadcopter Model is founded on the laws of physics.

    2) Selecting between camera modes interactively:
    Cameras at eye level, in first-person perspective, on a gimbal that can follow the action are all included.
    By sliding the centre of the screen or activating the accelerometer on the left, you may glance around the Quad as you fly. This is possible in the Eye level Camera Mode.

    When the power is turned on, the Quad will circle and land back where it took off. When the Quad moves out of range, it will activate automatically.

    When activated, the Squad Tower will maintain its current position even if the user lets go of both control sticks.

    When activated, the Quad's Forward, Backward, Left, and Right coordinates are unaffected by its orientation. If the Quad faces north and the player presses the Right Stick Forward, the vehicle will still go eastward.

    Release Date: 18 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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