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  • Bubble Shooter Arcade

    Bubble Shooter Arcade

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    Game description

    Join millions of players in the finest free bubble shooter game of all time, Bubble Shooter 3, and enjoy an addictive experience with 800+ puzzles!

     Over 800 exciting and adventure-filled bubble Puzzles await you to pop, tap, and tilt through them.

    More than 800 challenging levels of magic to master! And stay tuned for many more problems.

    It Plays quickly and is a lot of fun, but it takes practice to become good at using the game's four 'Special Boosters.'

    A cute dragon will increase your score.

    Stretch a line and burst a bubble.

    Lightning bubbles burst upon impact.

    Instructions for the Bubble Fishy Game:

    To bust a bubble: 1. tap the desired location.

    2. to cause a bubble to pop by clustering three or more together

    To advance to the next level, you must pop every bubble on the screen and earn at least three stars.

    4. Save the animal you aim for by popping bubbles in certain stages.

    When a fireball strikes a bubble, it bursts. 5.

    Hints: Constantly popping bubbles might increase your score!

    Release date: 22 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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