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    Save The Egg

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    An ascending simulator has arrived, so be cautious and complete the Save The Cowboy objective. Although it is an addictive puzzle, Omelette, Inc. heavily borrows other game mechanics to create its feel and style.

    Dazzling and colourful 3D visuals and a charming recreation of a flock of birds replace traditional menus. The success and efficiency of your poultry farm HTML5 depend on more than just smart financial decisions; you also need to strike a fine blend between the existing funds.

    Create far more cutting-edge egg farms as in the universe from the ground up, hatch chicks, construct hen houses, recruit workers (including vehicles), fund research, and organise space voyages. You'll need to strike a balance 2 Player between various prestigious methods to build the enormous egg farm that will bring you unimaginable wealth.

    Release Date: 27 January 2020 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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