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  • Epic Army Clash

    Epic Army Clash

    War War Fun Fun strategy strategy army army towerdefense towerdefense indie indie

    Game description

    Have you always yearned to rule the globe? Then raise your force and take a chance on army games, crazy games!

    To conquer the enemy's strongholds, you must rally your minions to create more powerful heroes and use an arsenal of weapons and clash of clans-type games.

    The world map can be used to keep tabs on your ever-expanding empire. Raise your epic games clash of clans and assert yourself as the dominant force. You can play war games like Clash of Clans by tapping and dragging the screen.

    The goal is to strengthen the same components by linking them together.

    You can start the army games by tapping the button and sending your troops into battle. Call for artillery backup and rain rockets down on the enemy while you fight.

    Can you unite all the troops and unlock the most powerful tank using Epic Hole Runner?

    A new passive approach, clash army camp, merges warriors into a single army. Combine troops to form new, specialized units. Take on and defeat one-of-a-kind foes in high-stakes combat. Numerous pieces of military hardware and playable characters can be mixed into this clash game 3d. You must take on bosses and forts to prove that your army is the most powerful. 1% of players have access to all available Metal Army War.

    Release date: 12 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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