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  • Metal Army War

    Metal Army War

    Platform Platform War War Adventure Adventure Warrior Warrior battle battle 2-players 2-players weapon weapon

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    According to reports, dark robotic kingdom robots are on the march to conquer Earth and turn it into a metal army game robot. Take a stand against them and reclaim the planet for yourself! To proceed, you must destroy traps, defeat enemies, and rescue prisoners. Collecting metallic components as you go through the levels will allow you to improve your weapons and life. After completing 15 stages of combat, the BOSS will appear and must be defeated to complete the mission in these metal army games online.

    Prepare to unleash the muskets! Check to see that your weapons are ready for the ultimate confrontation. Two-dimensional shooters and platformers collide in a metal army game online, a metal soldier game that is both exciting and action-filled. Swiping and tapping on the pad will allow you to jump and fire. Different weapon and explosives will be used to play in this metal soldier old game.

    Enter a battle tank, a powered mech, or even a helicopter to face off against the rebel forces in 15 challenging missions on the metal squad shooting game.

    Attention: the militants have significantly improved their weapons in recent years. You may participate in exciting tank battles or helicopter shooting games online. - With the inclusion of new vehicles and adversaries, there is a significant amount of extra shooting.

    You will fight your route through waves of shooting games io adversaries. In this excellent shooter, you must remove all of your opponents to progress. The moment has come to take action. Activate the shooting mode in shooting games for kids to get started with the action!

    Release Date: 23 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser

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