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  • Extreme Blur Race

    Extreme Blur Race

    Car Car Driving Driving 2player 2player cars cars race race 2players 2players drive drive

    Game description

    Quick, get in line for the most incredible 3D racing game ever. Get in the driver's seat and hit the circuits in this intense racing simulation. Grab your preferred cars and prepare for the most exciting adventure in the history of drift racing. There are other drag racers, so you should feel like you can do it with others if you want to win.

    Compete with your friends in this exciting drift racing vehicle game by driving quickly, demonstrating your talents, and causing severe crashes amongst excellent automobiles on the road. Now is the time to begin your quest to crash and emerge victorious. Do incredible feats and annihilate your enemies. Get into the driver's seat of a virtual race vehicle by downloading this simulator.

    Regarding high-speed new automobile racing games, Burnout Extreme: Car Racing is without a peer. In this top-tier racing game, you'll have access to various exotic vehicles you may employ to obliterate your rivals.

     Enjoy this crazy turbo racing car game by twisting your vehicle and doing incredible acrobatics.

    You may make your car the most dreaded and vicious on the circuits with the most significant upgrades available in this 3D racing simulator. It would help if you first knocked out your competition to reach the top of your league's auto racing rankings. Input blistering times and establish new benchmarks. Win every contest by whatever means necessary. Experience cutting-edge turbo racing on exciting new Extreme Asphalt Car Racing engineered to thrill the most seasoned drag racers.

    Release date: 23 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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