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  • Extreme Water Floating Bus

    Extreme Water Floating Bus

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    Game description

    In this fantastic Water Bus Island Simulator game, you must embark on an exciting journey that will inevitably include a swim. Have a blast as you play this game of catching people and reaching checkpoints. There will be many more checkpoints than you think in this game, so expect a challenging time.

    If you appreciate games with ships like boats, yachts, and sailboats, then Driving Floating Moisture -Coach Ship 3D is the game for you. Immerse yourself in the action of a boat raced on the water while driving your automobile of the future. Experience the rush of water sports as you pilot your teacher like a boat on the high seas.

    Drive his bus like a power washer and compete in exciting jet boat races as if your Adventure were the captain of a ship. Get the beach crowds going with a ride on the sea coach. They have guests; make sure they have a good time. You get to steer your boat, sorry, water-based tour bus. Amuse yourself on your next modern car or bus trip. Only you, of all the island's drivers, have mastered the art of driving on the waves.

    Release date: 1 July 2020 , Platform: Web browser

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