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  • Monster Truck Battle

    Monster Truck Battle

    Car Car Racing Racing Arcade Arcade

    game description

    'Monster Truck Battle' will provide you with an exciting Arcade experience. Your memory and reflexes will be tested in this high-speed racing game. It would help if you answered challenging trivia questions to move via the contest while avoiding dangerous traps like explosives. Plus, who says the school has to be boring? You can have a great time while expanding your knowledge and abilities with Kid Learning Games.

    Is your monster truck ready to hit the sky? Then you should play 'Monster Truck Stunts Sky Driving' and demonstrate your driving prowess by completing dangerous stunts in the sky. If you're more into off-road adventures, you may also check out 'Monster Truck Offroad Drive' and drive across rough terrain. But keep in the sense that you'll need to accumulate supplies to make it to safety.

    The action in 'Monster Truck BattleMonster Truck Offroad Drive' is nonstop. Battle it out with other players in a harrowing survival mode to discover who can stay the longest. Be careful, however, since you'll need to use your slick moves to escape obstacles and other players' strikes. You can never tell when an explosion will occur when you have explosives at your disposal.

    Feel the intensity as you race to the finish line in 'Monster Truck Battle' and prove yourself as the best. This frolicking will have you on the perimeter of your center with its thrilling challenges and intense action. Prepare for your life's journey by fastening your seatbelt and pressing the accelerator.

    Release Date: 2 May 2023 , Platform: Web browser ,Last update: 18 June 2023

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