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  • 9x9 Rotate and Flip

    9x9 Rotate and Flip

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    Game description

     If you like to pass the time with different games, one of the best new online games, 9x9 Rotate and Flip, is a block puzzle game online. Flip the block and Rotate the emoji Apocalypse game. Place the same block in the correct position.

    While playing these puzzle games for adults, you will see that some cube blocks will be located, changing their specific geometric shapes to place them in the right places. In some places in this puzzle game for kids, you will see empty places with no shapes.

    A unique panel object of different geometric shapes will appear. Owl Pop It Rotates on the right. Using the control keys, you can rotate them according to where you fit them; there is a time limit in this game, so you also have to take care of time in this puzzle game online.

    Release date: 14 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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