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  • Math Magic Battle

    Math Magic Battle

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    Game description

    Play MATH MAGIC BATTLE at best. Crazy games! Are you good at math? Can you solve this free puzzle game? Math magic battle is an educational mathematics game that motivates individuals to believe quickly Maths Fun to solve math operations. With the four main mathematical operations, concentrate and have a good time in this game.

    Try to solve the problem as quickly as possible and be quick enough to select the appropriate mathematical response. Have fun with your buddies, or beat your records in this cool educational game! The pixel art graphics of this free math battle game are lovely and vibrant.

    This math skill game will also help you enhance the Magic Day of Knowledge game and your mental math abilities. Challenge your friends and see who wins in this math battle. The game is straightforward; use the mouse to click if you are using a desktop or tap the buttons on the touch screen of your mobile. All the best, and hop right into the game!

    Release date: 13 August 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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