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  • Among Us Space Tasks

    Among Us Space Tasks

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    Game description

    You have played many Among us games until now, but have you tried to complete the space tasks and save that cute little creature from an evil imposter in Among Us SpaceRush? Play free Among Us Space Tasks in these excellent best among us games. If not, try out this Among us space Task game since you cannot be called a true among us fan until you complete these challenging tasks. This 2d game rotates around a central mission of saving your adorable characters from the bloodthirsty imposter.

    And you are doing various other tasks simultaneously to keep your spaceship Adventure working game. The entire match comprises some engaging mini-games where each comes up with a different challenge and reward. If we talk more in detail, the space sausage contains ten astronauts; three are imposters, while the remaining are crewmates. You don't know who's the real villain and finding him out is the main challenge.

    This mystery among-us game will satisfy you. Among Us Crazy Gunner game detective soul and help you to show your survival skills. Moreover, you also have to remove your name from the suspect list - if you are not the killer. Instruction: Use the button WASD to move and click the left mouse on the button USE from the screen to play the task. Soon will finish all tasks the death character will not find you.

    Release date: 26 May 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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