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    Cheating Exam

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    Game Description

    Have you ever cheated on an exam? What do you do when you have not prepared for your test or exam and give them? Every student in a lifetime has tried to cheat, be it a smart kid or a weak kid. In this Cheat Death kid game, Johnny, the school's bad boy, comes to his class only to find out he has a subject test.

    At first, he got scared about what will he do, but then a clever thought came to his mind that he should cheat. So in these Fun educational games online, you will throw paper to outstanding students and ask them for answers. You will also keep an eye on your teacher so you cannot get caught.

    And if some nerdy student tries to tell the teacher about you, you will do nasty things to make them stop. If by any chance you forget what to do, the instructions are there for you to help in these best new games.

    Release Date: 21 January 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    564 played times

    Category: Social

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