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    Coin Running

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    Game Description

     Coin Running is the most fantastic game that you have ever played. The coins will run here and there as their name starts in the whole game. You want to direct them to the proper place. At the start of the free runner crazy game, you can see a straight path. By robbing from left to ownership, you can start the coin-driving game. 

    At this time, the coin starts to run. You want to direct its direction. First, you will see two ways: you can increase your money as the amount there, and in another way, your money will decrease as mentioned there, so you want to move your coin carefully. Then sometimes, some tax percentage will be available in this run maze game.

    They are compulsory, so we can't do anything about that. We will detect your money as mentioned percentage. Sometimes drinking, eating, and saving charges are also in your way. They are moveable, so if you play carefully, you can avoid them in this Game Ninja Wall Runner. And finally, you can come to the final point and collect your money. For each level, you can manage your money and save it. The good thing in the fun running game is on the straight path; you can also find some coins to manage them. Another one is you can increase your initial cash if you are confident about yourself.

    Release Date: 6 September 2022 , Platform: Web browser,

    469 played times

    Category: Adventure

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