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  • Connect Pipes Plumber

    Connect Pipes Plumber

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    Game description

     As well as realign the pipe to improve water flow. You may rearrange your patterns at the end of each phase. Enjoy Yourself Among Impostor Mahjong Connect; You'll have to follow the instructions carefully as a master builder to extract the stick and guide the lady over the obstructions in the pipe.

    And finally, join the CONNECTOR GAME. Join the connections and make sure there are water routes from the controls to the glass jars. Put water through the lines and the pipelines to the top of the level. Fall into the seas full of fish, predators, goddesses, rays, and corals.

    And other incredible aquatic life in this handyman world, making a gorgeous and calm ambience. Join pipes together to create a continuous water line, then test it by passing water on through sensors. The goal is to make by joining the Fruit Candy-Milk Connect.

    Release date: 22 October 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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