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      Are you ready to play a new puzzle game? Are you capable enough to fix intermingling wires coming from the powerhouse? Can you bring light to life?

      Play free CONNECTOR GAME

      If yes, then try out the connector game. In this Fun puzzle, all you have to do is to sort out all the intermingling wires and connect all these loose wires coming from the energy house with the bulb to turn it on. Sounds so simple? Well, the brain game is more complicated than you think since the bulb will not light up unless you connect all the wires with it. This multilevel game would keep on getting more complex with each successive level, and you have to put more strength to solve the puzzle.

      To play this fun puzzle game, you have to tap on the puzzle tiles to toggle them. Keep on doing so until a clear path is formed that would connect the powerhouse with the bulb. Get higher in ranking by earning money from each level. Can you break the record? Play the game now to find out. 

      Welcome to the funniest and interesting online game-Connector game. In this simple game, you have to fix all the unconnected wires in the circuit.

      In this electric game, the player should know electric circuits before going into the game. This game has some basic concepts of an electric circuit.

      At the start of the game, you have an energy source, unconnected broken wires, and a bulb. Your task is to fix all the broken wires from the source to the bulb and turn on the electric bulb. The score is based on how fast you can fix the circuit in this online wire connector game.

      In the initial level, the player will face the simple circuits, but you have to face many complicated levels with an increase in the level. Like many online games, this circuit connection game has 50 levels.

      This game is played most interestingly by electrical engineering students to clear their concepts of circuit analysis. Go and unblock all the levels of this fun game.

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