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  • Detective Truth

    Detective Truth

    WebGL WebGL Mouse Mouse Unity 3D Unity 3D Skill Skill 1 Player 1 Player Collecting Collecting Free Free

    Game description

    You can distinguish between the actual challenging blocks and the phoney ones with your specialised x-ray! You can even tell whether or not a coin is authentic by looking at it! You may think this is too difficult! But don't be concerned; you need to keep clicking to find out which you can go and where you can't.

    When you play the game, you will have a great time doing it! In either case, you will also need to move since you will be disqualified if the Detective Loupe Puzzle cameras do not catch you. In addition, the x-ray machine has a timer, which is with caution.

    When we were kids, we all had the same fantasy: we wanted to grow up to be detectives so that we could play detective games and solve detective puzzles. We have developed Gratis Puzzles, Mysteries, and Suspense Thrillers to put your ability to solve detective teasers and cases to the test entertainingly and Multiplayer.

    There are a lot of little detective games out there that put your ability to solve puzzles to the test. Policeman Effect is a detective-themed Collecting video game that will test your intelligence and deductive reasoning by presenting you with several confounding and puzzling short mysteries.

    Release date: 9 September 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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