Words Detective Bank Heist

    Words Detective Bank Heist

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    Find word after word to reveal a fantastic tale and aid the finest Detective Truth in his investigation!

    After completing 20 separate assignments, a detective game will only have enough evidence to establish the criminal's guilt and competence.

    Even though the specifics of each mission detective game online, the overarching rationale remains the same. There are ever more diamonds to be discovered in later levels.

    There are now thirteen localizations of the Detective Loupe Puzzle game available. Thus, the creators have made it such that a more significant percentage of players can follow the action in-game and apply the advice given.

    This is the first mission. To play Hidden Cats: Detective Agency, one must first learn the game, learn how to manage the junior detective game, and learn how to apply the prompts. Our investigator will assist you in locating the first two jewels in this area, and you'll have to find the last diamond on your own. Every level's allotted time must be closely watched.

    In detective games for kids, the player may talk to or interact with just those objects that flicker when the player gets close to them. When a thing is ready, we walk up to it and tap the "Use" button in the bottom right of the screen when it glows. It's clear from the diagram that the ghost detective game chose to enter via one of the brighter doors.

    Release date: 28 February 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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