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    Disk Area

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    Try the disk area game and Disk Area Game to show your skills in placing the laser disk in the targeted block of 3D lights and clear all the stages in the game to become a master. The famous ultimate disk app game inspires disk Area, and you need the best estimate in the town to place the disk inside the targeted block to clear the stage.

    This fantastic laser disk arcade game has so much fun as you can play it with your friends and even with the power of your collages. It is the best arcade game on disk, as you will experience a laser board with 2d graphics with a colourful disk that gives a perfect gaming experience to the user.

    The rules of this free online arcade puzzle game are simple you need to put the disk in the laser box, and you will only get one chance, and if you fail, you need to play it again. Place the disk with your estimate and clear Infiltrate Area 52; the game stages get complex after each step, and you need to play each location with a new strategy in this line arcade puzzle game. Play this unique puzzle Xbox arcade game to test your skills and experience the laser graphics.

    Release Date: 1 October 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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