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  • Zombie Area

    Zombie Area

    Zombie Zombie Defense Defense shooter shooter escape escape

    game description

    Get anticipatory to be on the edge of your seat with Zombie Area, a thrilling defensive and escape game. It stands up to you to rescue your land and secure your life as the unrelenting hordes of the undead march.

    You'll need to break out your best shooting skills and an armoury of lethal weaponry to survive the onslaught of savage zombies.

    Teddy Bear Zombie Grenades is a chaotic spin on the standard zombie-killing experience in which cute stuffed animals are transformed into lethal bombs. Spider Zombie is a hideous monster that waits in the shadows to attack its unwary prey. Can you find the strength to break free from its terrifying grasp?

    Zombies Kitchen is a battlefield where your worst dreams about food might come true. Defend yourself against the hungry zombie cooks out to make you their next meal. And if you're feeling very bold, go into Dungeons and Zombies, a terrifying underworld teeming with the living dead. 

    Gameplay in Zombie Area puts you in the thick of things, thanks to the game's responsive touch screen and mouse controls. The zombie horde keeps getting bigger as it systematically breaks into your home daily. Your singular possibility of survival is to advance the door and destroy any remaining zombies or monsters standing in your way. Keep your wits about you, hit your targets, and battle to stay alive in Zombie Zone!

    Release Date: 8 May 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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