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  • Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

    Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

    Casual Casual kiz10 kiz10 action action shooter shooter tower tower

    Game description

    Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero will allow you to shoot enemies in the Fallen girl game. Here you want to kill more enemies and gain more scores! Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero is the best game for kids. It will like you if you like to do action things or play action games. Try out the kiz10 game and enjoy it!

    When you enter the casual game, you will see an animated character. You will have a gun to shoot the enemies in the hyper-casual game. When you start the shooter game, you will have a chance to shoot the action enemies. So, you want to click and stop the gun movement from firing. Once you do that, you will shoot the enemy in the tower game.

    So, you will kill the enemy. If you miss shooting each enemy in one shot, you will attack the enemy in the rocket hero game. The enemies are on the tower, so be aware of them and play the game. If you kill one Fall Bros enemy, you will gain scores and want to kill the next enemy in the online shooting game. Do not miss out on trying this exciting game, and have fun with it!

    Release date: 3 November 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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