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  • Flip Parkour Pro

    Flip Parkour Pro

    Skill Skill Adventure Adventure Casual Casual Physics Physics action action parkour parkour master master

    Game description

     Flip Parkour pro is a kind of flip sports game with elements of acrobatics because you need to jump over fences, roofs, and so on, and here you can’t do without flips and other Flippy Hero acrobatic elements. Our hero in this online sports game decided to surprise everyone.

    In traditional parkour, he has surpassed everyone and will show a new Adventure kind of jump - reverse parkour. To do this, you need to jump backwards. It will not be easy for everyone to play these sports games today.

    It would help if you did some practice every day. Give time to this game Kogama Rainbow Parkour and try to unlock levels, so this will be fun. The passage of levels will pass, and there are many of them, and each one is more difficult than the previous one in sports games for kids.

    Release date: 16 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser

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