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    Game description

    Try the Futoshiki game and challenge yourself to see how good a player of Desert 51 Shooting Game games online you are. Arrange the digits in cells by respecting signs! Futoshiki is a numeric puzzle game based on the concepts of Japanese puzzle games. The plot of this number game online is similar to that of sudoku. However, the challenges you will see here would be more demanding and competitive.

    In this online math game, you first have to arrange the numbers ranging from 1-5 in each cell without repeating any digit in more than one row or column. Similarly, a math sign will be shown between two cells in these math Puzzle games for schools. Thus, you have to arrange the digits, so they don't violate the sign.

    You can also go toward the generator mode of this brain puzzle game to get a different problem every time. Don't forget, every math problem you encounter in this educational game will possess a different answer; thus, make an all-new strategy every time to pass this Size Box arcade math game. Good luck, and also, play the Funny throat surgery game!

    Release date: 8 September 2021 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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